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Cable Car World 2024

Our joint appearance with Bernard Group at Cable Car World 2024 in Essen was a complete success! In addition to many interesting discussions at our stand with international interested parties, we were able to inform the specialist audience about our practical experience in tendering for urban cable cars with our speech.

Start of construction in Haus im Ennstal

On June 13, 2024, the groundbreaking ceremony officially marked the start of construction for the new 8SB/10EUB Kaiblinggrat. Over the next few months, progress on the construction can be followed via the construction diary (German). Read more in the SI Seilbahnen International (German) article.

Hauser Kaibling to Replace Quattralpina with New Hybrid Gondola

In the Hauser Kaibling ski area, the oldest lift, the 4-seater chairlift Quattralpina, is currently being dismantled. Demolition works are in full swing to make way for the new hybrid gondola Kaiblinggrat.

Cable Car Planning

Find out about our findings from the cable car projects that are already being implemented or are about to be implemented!

Click here for the article!

A T-bar lift under a high-voltage power line, an " thrilling" task!

A remarkable project was recently completed in the Golm ski area: The construction of a new surface lift directly under a high-voltage power line. This challenging task required precise planning and strict compliance with safety regulations.

The T-bar lift is operated with an unmanned top station, which is monitored from the valley by a camera system and an intercom/audio system. This solution enables personnel-efficient monitoring of the exit area and ensures the safety of skiers.

Revamping Ski Lifts: Gemeindealpe Mountain Resort's Modernization Initiative

What's the game plan when crucial components of ski lift controls are no longer supported, yet the ski lift infrastructure itself remains robust?

This was the pivotal question facing Gemünden Mountain Resort as they encountered this exact scenario. With three ski lift systems in need of attention, the resort embarked on a journey of revitalization. Over the course of a few short months, meticulous planning, regulatory approvals, and construction efforts culminated in a comprehensive overhaul.

The ski lift control systems underwent a thorough upgrade, while the service facilities received a modern facelift, with some undergoing partial renovations. The transformation was nothing short of remarkable.

Now, the service facilities of the 4CL Bodenbauerexpress, the 2CL Gipfelbahn, and the 1PL Grabnerlift stand as shining examples of modernity and efficiency. With the upgrades completed just in time for the Christmas season of 2023, Gemünden Mountain Resort is primed for success in the years to come.

„© Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH / Gert Perauer

A platter lift for small and tall

"Not just small and fine, but above all, quick on its feet!"
The old platter lift in the Bad Kleinkirchheim ski area was dismantled in a record time of just 3 months and replaced by a new installation - the "1-SL Bachlift." The two new service containers blend in with the rural landscape of the region with their wooden appearance and ensure smooth operation.
With a ride time of only 2.5 minutes, children can quickly get back up the mountain and enjoy their downhill run over and over again!
We wish you lots of fun!  

Picture „© Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH / Gert Perauer

Adventure India - Great Opportunity through Ropeways

In the 30th edition of our newsletter, we share insights into our engagement in India: exploring opportunities for the country through urban and tourist ropeway projects, particularly in pilgrimage cities visited by over 90,000 people daily, aiming to alleviate the congested streets. Feasibility studies for 20 ropeway projects, along with 12 tender projects, demanded full team effort in 2023.

Here you find the pdf

 Kieserl ropeway is now in operation

We are delighted to receive the operating permit. The ropeway, which ascends to the 1954-meter-high Kieserl in Grossarl, can now immediately commence operations. The ropeway is thus the new focal point of the ski circuit connecting Grossarl and Dorfgastein. Wishing you smooth and enjoyable rides at all times.

When Mellau got a modern cable car

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the cable car in Mellau, a storytelling café will be held to tell the stories of that time. The cable car at that time was planned by our father, Anton Salzmann. In the meantime, we were also allowed to plan the 10MGD successor lift, which was built in 2015.

Click here for the article

Click here for the 10EUB Mellaubahn project from 2015.


Autonomous ropeways without station staff

A 2-page interview with Stephan Salzmann on the opportunities, risks and acceptance of the new technology and previous project experiences can be found in the current issue of SI - Seilbahnen International and can be downloaded here.

Click here for the article (in German)

Urban ropeway network for the capital of Himachal Pradesh

Shimla is one of the most popular mountain destinations in northern India. Due to the topography, ropeways are often the optimal solution for the current traffic problems in India. The network will consist of three lines with a total of 15 ropeway sections. Read the whole article of ISR Switzerland.

Click here for the article (in German)


Visiting construction sites in India (Assam/Varanasi)

Stephan and Marie are currently visiting several construction sites in India:

1. route inspection and "on-site planning" for a cable car to the Khamakhya temple in Guwahati, Assam. In the future, the cable car will take visitors directly from the urban surroundings of the railway station to the temple district.

2nd site visit to India's first urban ropeway in Varanasi. Foundation work is currently underway on the stations and support foundations. In addition, a site visit took place for the next expansion stage Varanasi Phase 2, for which the Bernard-Salzmann joint venture has again been commissioned with the planning. This cableway is to run from the same starting point, Varanasi Cantt Station, to Namo Ghat.

Picture from left to right: Mrigank Shekhar (Bernard Consult India), Stephan Salzmann, Marie Bach (Salzmann Ingenieure), Lukas Fritsch (Bernard Group Austria)

Foundations with shifting option

The construction progress of the Kieserl ropeway in Großarl currently provides a good insight into the foundations with shifting option. Thus, the slope movements to be expected in the future are taken into account and the supports can be adapted.

Newsletter Ski Grebenzen: Start into a new era

Realization in record time +++ modern 10-cabin monocable ropeway for small ski area +++ increase in capacity and comfort +++ basis for future year-round operation +++ ideal cooperation of regional trades +++ cost-efficient general planning +++ ropeway planner as general contractor

Open newsletter now


VRN ropeway day at BUGA 23 in Mannheim: Now it's time to implement meaningful projects.

The Rhine-Neckar Transport Association (VRN) invited to the ropeway day to discuss and further develop urban ropeways as a building block for the transport turnaround in the expert circle. Among others, 16 cities/counties, 12 planners/consultants and 2 manufacturing companies were present. Our office was represented by Loris Rau. Read his summary here.



Newsletter Golmerbahn/Vandans

Read the following articles: System change to barrier-free access +++ ultra-modern 8-seater cabins for single-cable gondola +++
barrier-free access and comfort +++ short time window for construction measures +++ meticulous planning +++
architecturally sophisticated realization

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Noise and vibration reduction in Großarl

The planning of the new Kieserlbahn in Großarl places a great focus on noise emission reduction. The new 10EUB ropeway will travel faster, but not louder. One of the measures is the use of a sound emission-optimized Performa rope. In the planning process, changes are evaluated in a before-and-after comparison and further planning is optimized - for example, in the sound absorption of the supports and the building openings.

Impressions of a trip to India

Jörg, you currently have 20 projects in India. What is the difference beetween your Indian projects and those in the Alpine region?
A big difference is usually the task itself: Often it's ropeways to religious sites such as temples on mountains, caves with shrines, etc. Otherwise, we are dealing with urban ropeways and with ropeways to tourist destinations (palaces, lookout points). And we have to deal with various restrictions such as flight bans that make aerial photography of the terrain by means of LIDAR drones impossible, or with clearing bans that fundamentally call into question the construction of some ropeways.

Urban ropeway lines for Shimla

We have recently been awarded a substantial contract for an urban project in India. In partnership with Bernard Consult, we have been commissioned to plan the ropeway lines for Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh. The ropeway system will comprise of three lines and a total of fifteen ropeway sections. Given the city's topography, ropeways offer an optimal solution to address the current traffic issues. In the accompanying picture, you can see Stephan Salzmann (Salzmann Ingenieure), Mrigank Shekar (Bernard India), Lukas Fritsch (Bernard Austria), as well as representatives from the client WAPCOS and the project operator RTDC during their site visit to Shimla.

Welcome to our team

"I am very interested in the development of urban mobility and mountain destinations with cable cars. We accompany our customers from the initial idea to the removal of installations. This makes our field of activity very varied and offers exciting challenges every day. From my time as an intern, I know that I can rely on the great team and look forward to mastering the challenges together."

- Loris Rau -

Our team at Interalpin 2023

3 days and more than 35,000 visitors: international ropeway spirit, a lot of exchange and many exciting projects and topics we experienced in Innsbruck. Information, photos and press releases can be found here.

From left to right: Stephan, Loris, Jörg, Marie, Katrin and Simon.



Ropeway in Varanasi

Varanasi's urban ropeway project, which was planned and tendered by Salzmann Ingenieure in cooperation with Bernard Consult, is now entering the implementation phase!

On the occasion of the laying of the foundation stone, Prime Minister Narendra Modi released a video highlighting the enormously high value of the project in India.


How India wants to become the most important country in the world (Der Standard)

A detailed report in the Standard newspaper examines a multitude of influencing factors and framework conditions for the former poverty state's fast development. To attract industry, the people of India are planning massive infrastructure investments in the highway network, railways and ropeway projects. They are referring to our feasibility studies in many regions of India.

Read the article (in German)

Opening ceremony in St. Lambrecht

We were delighted to attend the opening ceremony of the 10 MGD Grebenzen in St. Lambrecht (Styria). We congratulate on the successful commissioning of the ropeway and wish you many enjoyable mountain rides in the future.

Enclosure improves guest comfort

With the new enclosure of the top station of the 8EUB Zwieselalm, it is now well protected from all weather conditions, especially during inclement periods. In the entrance and exit area, sectional gates have been installed that are open during regular operation. 

The western facade was equipped with photovoltaic cells integrated into the glazing to generate electricity. 

During stormy conditions both the ropeway technology and the guests are protected inside the station. 

The new enclosed mountain station's east side was realized with new glazed facades and a roof (flat roof)

New ropeway era

The Valisera ropeway is not only Austria's first autonomous ropeway, but also the world's first two-section lift of its kind.

"Our guests are already experiencing the future of international ropeway technology in the new Valisera lift. It guarantees rapid and smooth transportation, provides the highest level of service and comfort, blends harmoniously into the mountain landscape and also impresses with its sustainable and aesthetic design," emphasizes Martin Oberhammer, Managing Director of Silvretta Montafon Holding.

You can find the entire article here (in German).


Reconstruction Valisera ropeway

The reconstruction of the Valisera ropeway resulted in many innovations and technical highlights. What exactly can be read HERE in our new newsletter.

Our project in India

The simagazine reports about our project in India. More Details here.

Our cooperation with the Bernard Group

In the future, ropeways in various parts of India will ease traffic congestion and regulate the flow of pilgrims. We are carrying out essential studies and planning for eleven ropeway locations together with the Tyrol-based Bernard Group. The challenges here are significant topographical and climatic differences at the various locations. At the same time, we also want to ensure a transfer of knowledge in the sense of sustainable project management.

More details in the following articles: ORF, Kronen Zeitung, TopTirol, Wirtschaftszeit und (in German)


The ISR interview on the occasion of our company anniversary: successful projects, effects of the pandemic, future perspectives and other exciting developments.

You can find the whole article here (in German).

Virtual construction diary

Incredibly impressive pictures and the latest news due to the construction progress can be found in the Ski Grebenzen construction diary:  the current status of the buildings, the  helicopter flight, detailed photos of ropeway elements.

Team on Tour

We visited the 54th Ropeway Conference in Vorarlberg this week: Future strategies for economically and ecologically sustainable ropeway planning with new developments in tourism and ski industry have been the main topic. Highlight was the farewell of Edwin Fritz, who volunteered for 43 years in the Piste Quality Seal Commission. Markus Linder surprised Edwin Fritz and joined in a medly.

Here is the sustainability report of the Vorarlberg cable cars "Bergliebe - together for tomorrow" (in German).

Further information (in German).



ISR report

Stephan Salzmann reports on solutions for individual challenges. Retrovit, profitability and risk analyses, downsizing of ski areas and development of new revenue sources... Situations and demands of customers have changed over the last decades. Planning became more multi-layered and complex.
Download the ISR report (in German)

50 years of independent ropeway planning

Due to our anniversary, we are pleased to publish a report in the international ropeway review about the development of independent planning and its value for ski resort development in the Alpine region.

Download report here (in German)


We are celebrating our anniversary

and looking back on fascinating projects from 50 years of Salzmann. You can find them in our interactive project map.


MorTH Manthan Expo Bangalore

Due to our strong involvement in the joint venture with Bernard Consult in India, where we were commissioned by the National Highway Logistics Management Limited (NHLML) to carry out preliminary studies and ropeway planning for more than 20 ropeway projects under the Parvatmala Pariyojana Programme, we are already recognised by the highest authorities as ropeway experts after a short period of time.  Our Managing Director Stephan Salzmann was personally invited by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and National Highways Authority of India to give a presentation on the challenges of planning and implementing ropeway projects in India at the MorTH MANTHAN Expo in Bangalore.

Feasibility studies for ropeway projects in Andrha Pradesh

We are looking forward to carrying out the next feasibility studies for ropeway projects in India in Andrha Pradesh. There might be 6 new ropeways. It will remain exciting.

Ropeways in India

We are delighted about the commitment to further projects in India. A total of 6 touristic ropeway projects in the north of India and an urban ropeway in New Delhi are to be implemented.

Salzmann goes India

The holy city at the Ganges - Varanasi - India - We are planning an urban ropeway with a total length of 3.8 km. The ropeway will be able to transport 4,500 people per hour and thus relieve the local traffic situation. The ropeway has a total of 5 stations.

Urban cable cars

Modern cable car systems open up new paths for mobility in our cities. Loris Rau chose this topic for his bachelor thesis. Click here for the article in the Si Urban 01/2020 issue.

Welcome to Salzmann's