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VRN ropeway day at BUGA 23 in Mannheim

Time to implement meaningful projects.

The Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar (VRN) invited to the Ropeway Day to discuss and further develop urban ropeways as a building block for the transport turnaround in the expert group. Among others, 16 cities/counties, 12 planners/consultants and 2 manufacturing companies were present. Our office was represented by Loris Rau.

Loris, what is your personal summary after this intensive exchange?

We are on the right track, where the next important milestone is the first implementation of an urban ropeway in Germany: as a prototype, initiator and role model for other projects. And as proof that implementing a new means of public transport is complex, but feasible and sensible. Many challenges that arise in urban areas have already been overcome here in Mannheim. For example, crossing rivers, crossing built-up areas, or organizational aspects such as coordination with the German railroads.

Now it is a matter of making sensible projects possible and realizing them. Summarized in 3 points:


Politicians would like to further improve the basis for urban ropeways. The federal government already positioned itself with the publication of a guideline and the state of Baden-Württemberg wants to adapt the ropeway law in favor of the ropeway as a means of public transport in 2023.


Incorporating mobility (and logistics) into urban planning and regional development as early as possible is essential, and the cable car must be considered a public transportation mode.


Cooperation, communication and citizen participation are essential for successful projects.

As ropeway planners, the necessary overall view of a project and the consideration of all individual challenges, interests and influencing factors are precisely our strengths. We are on the right track and will continue on this path together with our customers.