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Project overview

6 CLD/B Lumberjack


6 CLD/B Lumberjack Shuttle

Flachau BETTER NOW THAN LATER The Lumberjack Ropeway, known as Holzfäller-Bahn in German, was constructed in record time in the ski area Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl - Kleinarl. The project, initiated in April and commencing construction in July, was completed by December. This 6-seater chairlift replaces two outdated surface ropeways, bringing the entire ski area up to date with state-of-the-art ropeway technology. Designed as part of the "Family Run," the new ropeway prioritizes safety for children and serves as the perfect connection for the planned integration with the Flachau - Wagrain - St. Johann ski area in 2019.

The Initial Situation

The Shuttleberg ski area encompasses Flachauwinkl and Kleinarl, and in recent years, the entire region has transitioned to detachable chairlifts. This upgrade was particularly crucial for the target groups of Shuttleberg: the freestyle community and families with children. However, two old surface ropeways still remained, unable to provide the desired level of comfort. These outdated installations will be replaced by the planned connecting ropeway between Snow Space Salzburg (Flachau - Wagrain - St. Johann) and Shuttleberg (Flachauwinkl - Kleinarl), with construction slated for 2019.

"The Lumberjack Ropeway is our first step towards realizing the overall project, which includes the construction of the connecting ropeway and the replacement of the Flying Mozart," explains Josef Harml, Managing Director of Shuttleberg. "This will establish one of the largest ski areas in Austria."

With the introduction of the Lumberjack Ropeway, future winter sports enthusiasts transferring to Shuttleberg will benefit from an enticing proposition. "By installing the detachable 6-seater chairlift, we have extended the route of the previous surface ropeways to the nearest ski slope," describes Harml. "Ensuring improved comfort for families was of utmost importance to us. Now we can offer a child-safe mode of transportation along the longest section of our Family Run." The 19-kilometer "Family Run" provides a special experience for children with its easily accessible and enjoyable ski routes.

Stringent Time Constraints

The decision to construct the Lumberjack Ropeway was made by the Harml family in April 2017. Salzmann Ingenieure, which had previously developed design options for the connecting ropeway, was awarded the contract for planning the detachable chairlift. Approval from the responsible state working group was received at the end of May 2017, enabling Salzmann Ingenieure to proceed with detailed planning. The project was promptly submitted to the authorities in June. On July 26, almost exactly five months before the planned commencement of operations, the construction hearing took place, signaling the beginning of the construction phase. Josef Harml remains optimistic despite the tight schedule, stating, "If we can accomplish it, we do it promptly. That is our company philosophy."

Difficult Subsoil

The geological conditions posed a particular challenge during the construction of the Lumberjack Ropeway. The slope on which the ropeway extends experiences movement year after year. According to geological calculations, individual supports can shift up to four centimeters per year. "For such a subsoil, movable supports, similar to those used for cable cars on glaciers, are employed," describes planner Stephan Salzmann.

After the first winter, no effects of the unstable subsoil have been observed. "The impact may not be noticeable for another ten years, but with the use of movable supports, we are well-prepared and have allowances for at least the next 40 years," says Harml.

The bottom station is situated in steep terrain that is prone to landslides. Extensive safety measures were implemented to address this. "With a construction period of five months, these challenges required special attention," describes Salzmann. "However, together with the client, we were able to develop simple and cost-effective solutions."

This short construction time was made possible thanks to a well-coordinated team consisting of numerous local companies, aligning with the company's philosophy. Most of these companies have been working with the Shuttleberg ski area for years, bringing the necessary experience in ropeway projects.

Construction was completed as scheduled in November 2017, allowing the ropeway to commence operations on December 21.

Modern, Comfortable, and Efficient

The "Holzfällerbahn" (Lumberjack Ropeway) stands as the pride and joy of the Shuttle Mountain. It is the world's longest and fastest Doppelmayr "D-Line" chairlift, conquering the greatest elevation difference. With the most supports, powerful drive, and thickest rope diameter, it surpasses all other lifts on the mountain. The entire ski resort, including the snowmaking system, has now been updated with the latest and most advanced technology.

The Lumberjack Ropeway not only excels in terms of technology but also in providing comfort. The detachable 6-seater chairlift ensures a smoother and more convenient ride, especially for families with children and children's ski groups. The entrance is equipped with a ropeway with a lifting platform, making it easier for passengers to embark. Additionally, the self-locking child safety feature guarantees a secure and relaxed ascent. With the new ropeway, one adult can accompany up to five small children, enhancing the overall experience for families.



Anzahl Stützen
detachable chairlift
May - December 2017
6,0 m/s
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2.068 m
6,0 minutes
2.600 P/h
625 m